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Three Images of Landscaping With an Abundance of Flowers

About Town & Country Landscape Corp.

Town & Country Landscape Corp. (T&C) was created in 1972 and has enjoyed over 45 years of successful operation.

T&C has a broad customer base, including a number of second-generation clients!

T&C is still wholly owned by its founder, Richard J. Porcaro, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture.

T&C is headquartered in the heart of the New City, NY business district.

Approximately 80% of our clients are from Rockland County, NY. The remainder comes from Orange and Westchester, NY, as well as Northern New Jersey.

Town & Country Landscape Corp. (T&C) has two distinct lines of business:
Horticultural Maintenance Services
Custom Landscape Design & Construction

Town and Country Design Center

Rich Porcaro at the Town & Country Design Center
Winner of the "Pride of Clarkstown" Award 2010


• Provides aesthetic solutions designed for the long-term.
• Leverages formalized horticulture training and education.
• Ensures embedded plant life is suited for varying seasonal effects.
• Applies organic and inorganic agents responsibly based on in-depth product knowledge.
• Implements plant life and structures with the idea of driving maximum incremental property value.

Typical Approach

• Comes to your place and 'cuts the grass'.
• Little or no formal training or education.
• Deploys without considering the long-term viability of plant-life relative to local conditions.
• Does not understand biological and ecological consequences relative to applying chemical agents.
• Puts "making a buck" ahead of artistry.